About Us

Hey there to all you lovers, and welcome to Discover Dope. We’re a band of merry hippies that have decided to pool our talents together, so that we can provide our art and abilities to all you awesome folks. We are the founders of this collective of creatives (we hate the word business); @MycDazzle and Faith Reigns, two free spirited intellectuals that were tired of wasting their lives, and craved to create something they could actually be proud of.

Megan Faith is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, with her BS in chemistry. After graduation, she realized chemistry just wasn’t the field for her, and decided to dive head first into the world of art and adventure. She’s a self taught artist that specializes in painting, writing, music production, graphic design, and fashion. She’s really into yoga and dance meditation, and hopes to heal the world through her insights and creative expression.

Mychal aka Myc Dazzle is a graduate of Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN, with his degree in English and Screen Writing. Upon graduation, he worked a few different jobs within his field, before realizing he was over worked, under paid, and seriously lacking some pizzazz in life. So he decided to make a change, and left his desk job behind to follow his heart. As a self taught artist, he specializes in the art of cartooning, graphic design, screen writing (of course), writing music/poetry. He considers himself a futurist, and is driven by bis passion for social design and systematic reform.

We’re dedicated and passionate about sharing our art with the world. We feel that we have a story to tell, and a generation to inspire. We really appreciate your support, and sharing in our vision.

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